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Braddock Community Park

    Montage image of proposed Braddock Community Park showing people in market stalls, performance area, and garden

    I think people should know their neighbors. At the community oven, people met there and became friends. – Mary Carey, Braddock Carnegie Library

    The proposed Braddock Community Park on Braddock Avenue is a place where residents could gather to meet neighbors and friends, enjoy community events, and connect. The Braddock Community Oven will be relocated here—making it more accessible and bringing back events like International Nights and Community Pizza Night to this beautiful park. The oven, which holds special meaning for community members, will be the focal point of the park. The flexible open space in the center can accommodate various activities and events, such as farmer’s market, food festival, outdoor concert, and community meeting. The Braddock Community Park can take advantage of its adjacent parking lot on Woodlawn Avenue. The food trucks and mobile clinics can be parked along Woodlawn Avenue. The existing parking lot also makes the park more accessible for residents. 

    Developed by Jenny Zhang in conversation with NBRFOF and community members